TV Repair FAQ

This page answers questions about how we can help you with your broken TV if you are local to us.

 Not local to us? Check the Local Engineers pages for electronic engineers throughout the UK. ( Here)

How much will it cost to repair my repair TV?

Difficult question. It depends on many things. A rough guide is provided here but the easiest thing to do is give us an email with the make & model and what the fault is and we will try to give you a better idea. What we really need to do though, is get your set into our workshop so we can give you a proper diagnosis and cost. This does not mean any commitment on your part whatsoever.

My LCD/Plasma screen has broken. Can you repair it?

This has now become our No.1 question. The answer is a little complicated.

Plasma: No. Screens are not available at sensible prices, therefore, the set will be uneconomical to repair.

LCD: Sometimes. Some screens can be affordable but it really depends on what screen the manufacturer has used. Very few companies use their own screens and they do not relate to the model number. Because of this, the set has to be stripped down to find out which screen has been used. Only then can availability and price be determined.

Do you repair any make/type of equipment?

We are happy to repair most items, feel free to email, and we can give you a quote.

I am looking for info on how to repair my TV myself.

This is not the right site for you. Please do not even think about it unless you are a qualified TV Engineer. There is usually a label on the back of your TV saying that "Only a qualified engineer should open this set." It is there for a very good reason. Very dangerous voltages can be present even with the set turned off!

I am not certain whether to repair my equipment or just buy a new one?

This is the 2nd most common question we are asked.

Firstly, it does not benefit us to repair an item at excessive cost to you, you will never call back and we need to maintain our excellent reputation.

Secondly, we do not do anything without your approval. We will always discuss the fault and cost with you before you are presented a bill.

Thirdly, we will give you an honest opinion as if it were our own equipment taking into account age, condition and estimated cost of repair, as to whether to recommend repair or replacement.

If we can repair for less than half the cost of replacement and guarantee the unit, then we feel that we've provided a service for you that you will be happy with.

For example, an LCD TV that produces sound but no picture usually costs under £100 to repair. If the set is a throwaway food chain TV then is going to be written off. If, however, it is of a good make and replacement would cost you £300 - £400 then it is well worth repairing.

Can you install/set up my new equipment for me?

Yes, please contact us, with the details of your new equipment, and we will quote, or arrange a site survey depending on the type of installation.

I have a fault on my LED/LCD TV, now what?

Easiest thing to do is to email, or phone us and explain the problem. Please have the Make & Model of the unit you have a fault with. This will give us a chance to look it up on our database and hopefully, we will be able to give you an idea of the cost of repair. If not, we will have to look at the unit and phone you back with a diagnosis and price.

However, please note that a deposit maybe required if we inspect your equipment.

For further information, see our Price Guide.

Do you charge for estimates?

Yes we do, we ask you a diagnostic deposit on. Our charges can be found on The Price Guide which will also give you some idea of the total cost of repair.

The deposit is not a separate inspection fee. It is taken off your final bill if you decide to go ahead with the repair.

Written estimates that are required for insurance purposes are charged @ £40-£50 inclusive, which is usually refundable from your insurer.

How long will the repair take?

This depends on the fault. If we can, we like to turn around jobs in 24 - 48 hours. Parts not in stock, means a few days delay. Occasionally, parts have to be obtained which are 'out of stock' with our suppliers / manufacturers, in which case we will keep you informed of the likely repair date.

Can you repair my equipment at home?

Some items can be repaired in the home, many are just simple faults, and only require the call out fee, but due to the delicate, and fragile nature of these slim TV's, we prefer to repair at our workshop as we have suitable frames to safely support you TV.

If you collect my set, do I pay an extra call out fee?

We do usually offer a collection/delivery service, this will incur a charge, if you are not in our local collection area.

Do you guarantee the repair?

Yes. Usually a three months warranty is given but only on the specific repair that has been carried out. Occasionally, the term may be shorter or longer depending on the parts used. This will be confirmed when your set is repaired.